London Birthday Shenanigans

For my Birthday I spent 4 days in London, 2 with my brother Gauke, & his best friend, Chris, whom I’ve known since I was little, and 2 days with my 2 soul sisters, Nat Ash. These are our Shenanigans!

London with the Boys! 

Once in London I met up with my lovely and goofy brother and his best friend Chris at their hotel the Citizen M Tower Of London. As a book worm, I love that hotel, the lobby is full of book cases and the rooms come with a set of Penguin books. From there we went to the South Bank Centre food market, you can either take the District or Circle line to Waterloo or Embankment. I love food markets and this one has to be one of my favourites… they had everything from juice, to poor boys, to Greek, Italian, polish and more. They even had a stand with Bailey’s Lattes! All 3 of us are foodies so it ended up working out perfectly, we all ended up going for a wrap at the Athenian Stand, I chose mine with haloumi, SOGOOD!!

From there on we walked the South Bank, one of my favourite things to do, they’ve got everything from an amazing book market (one of my favourites) to performance artists along the waterside, a skate park, there’s always something fun to do!

Day 2, Nat & I went out for a birthday brunch at our favourite London cafe, after that we made our way to St Paul’s the weather was so nice we ended up sitting in the park there before meeting up with my brother and Chris at Founder’s Arms which is right by Blackfriars Bridge along the Themes! Definitely an awesome location with a variety in food and fun atmosphere! When we were there it was really busy but we could still hear each other and catch up properly! The rest of our time together was spent opening gifts, joking around and enjoying a sunset!

London with my Goofballs

Two days with the goofballs went far too quickly. Brunch at Le Pain Quotidien took a little longer than planned due to us hitting the busiest time of day, and service was a little slower than we would have liked (45 minutes to get the cheque) but it was good food, and good company. After brunch we ended up going to Covent Garden, took some of those iconic shots, browsed the Apple Market, we grabbed a few cookies at Ben’s Cookies, enjoyed street art by the Yogimaster, explored the perfume and tea shops and went off to Earl’s Court where we were all staying, of course there was photos of the TARDIS outside the tube station, from there we walked to the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, to have some epic burgers and Sweet Potato fries with the best artisan lemonade, I had the Lemongrass & Ginger and Nat the Strawberry & Elderflower, seriously some of the best we’ve had! We were all exhausted since the day had started off a bit nuts (Me having a nosebleed literally 5 minutes before our taxi arrived to take us to the station and Ash has been travelling Europe for the past few months) So off to our hotels and enjoying some quality sister time (read Stargate marathon) and comfy beds)

We started off the next day at The Alchemist at Bevis Marks, All of us being geeks just had to check it out! They’re known for their unique alchemy themed cocktail creations but we decided to go for breakfast as we knew it would be quieter. We ended up having the whole place to ourselves! We all really enjoyed our breakfasts but our favourite thing was the way they serve their tea! Magic galore! They serve loose tea, but the best part, once they pour the water on it starts smoking! Everything comes in measuring bottles etc. it’s sooo cool! After that we made our way to the Tower of London and from there we went on a bit of a Kodak hunt to get some of those iconic London shots!

The Big Ben from a mysterious perspective to statues most people miss and colourful shots! Here’s some of our favourites! Photos by Ash Richards and yours truly!

Early mornings are always ideal to get the best shots, explore, don’t just stand there and take a photo but see what angles you can get or like at Westminster Abbey, don’t cross the bridge but go under it to get the gateway effect, play around with lighting, angles, shadows, statues, watch if there’s birds or people around so you can get a bit of movement, that’s what makes a photo truly come to life.

Birthday Brunch

One of mine and Nat’s favourite places to eat when we’re in London is Christopher’s in Herne Hill. It’s a little off the beaten tourist track, but we both love local food. And it helps that the business is owned and run by one of our favourite sci-fi actresses (Suanne Braun) and her husband (Christopher). We stopped there for a birthday brunch and got the chance to catch up with Suanne, who not only brought us our food but made it too! As usual we were extremely happy with both the food and the service. And for those of you who love avocado toast, we think Christopher’s has the best in London!


Upcoming Shenanigans & Other News

There’s still a lot that I want to do in London. Each trip never seems to last long enough, and England’s capital city has so much more to offer, particularly for the Harry Potter fans amongst us. Things like The Harry Potter Studio Tour, The Cursed Child and loads of filming locations are still on my list, as well as places like Stonehenge and FINALLY having the time/budget to go on the London Eye… With that said, my next big adventure will be moving down south, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for more in depth tales from London.

Talking of Harry Potter….

Have you heard about Patricia Tallman’s Quest Retreats? Adventure Retreats designed specifically for Nerds. She’ll be in London this Autumn, running a Harry Potter themed Retreat. You can find out more about it here.

For my “Stories Through My Lens” I’ll be looking for people to shoot with! Ideally based in the UK with a story to tell about their city and themselves! If you’re interested, shoot me an email! Other than that I will be doing a few workshops on travel photography in the near future and of course getting ready for my big move down south!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out on Vixy Geek as I’ll be uploading loads of new designs the upcoming weeks!


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