The Beauty of Local

As some of you may know, for various reasons I haven’t been able to travel much this year. But me being me, I get stir crazy so I decided to go local.

Just in the past week or so I have been to Ilkley and York and explored a hill that is right behind my flat, which turned out to be a forgotten graveyard. You never know what you’ll find.

Shoot at the York City Wall late last year

I think we often overlook what’s right in front of us, whether it’s beauty, people, opportunities you name it. My passions are travel, discovering the world and photography.. not doing those drives me crazy. But who says you can’t discover locally, the world around you is within easy reach! The sights in the UK are stunning and often magical. People are unique, so no matter where you go…. you’ll meet someone with an interesting point of view or an interesting story to tell and who knows, maybe make a lifelong friend.


York is a beautiful and charming city, full of history. I’ve been to York before for a photoshoot on the city wall and while I didn’t get to see much else but, I knew it was a city I’d love. The City Wall is free entry and there’s multiple access points throughout the city, and should definitely be on your TO DO list if you are planning on visiting York!
So earlier this week me and my sister decided to go to York. Little did we know there was a Roman Festival on and both of us being history geeks, it was perfect!

We started with the Museum Gardens, which had Birds of Prey you could hold as part of the festival and of course the beautiful ruins. Of course the Museum Gardens are part of a museum… Entry to the gardens is free but entry to the Yorkshire museum is £7.50 for an adult day ticket, children 16 and under are free with a paying adult and access day tickets are £4. We spent at least a good 2 to 3 hours in the gardens and museum alone. The museum has historical exhibits ranging from Romans to Vikings to Richard |||

After that we wandered over to York Minster.
York Minster is beautiful and very well kept. The Minster is located in a really fun area of York, there’s usually musicians, or some kind of show going on, people gather, there’s a buzz. The park next to the entrance (Dean’s Park) is full of squirrels, trees flowers and has the cutest little coffee cart there called Crumbs. Right by the Minster also happens to be the spot Constantine was crowned Emperor of the Roman Empire. and across from his statue is a Roman Column that survived the ages.

Entry fees to York Minster are £10 for adults, £9 for concessions and free for accompanying children. The ticket includes a free guided tour, entry into The Orb and Revealing York Minster attraction, and unlimited return visits for 12 months.

Both me and my sister being huge Harry Potter freaks we stopped by ”The Shop That Must Not Be Named” Which is located in the Shambles, which in itself already has the atmosphere and looks of Diagon Alley so it’s almost like you’re in the world of Harry Potter already, add to that the Nimbus 2000 and the shop looking like it belongs in said alley….it looks just like it came out of the pages of the books! However, my sister is in a wheelchair and when we got to the shop we discovered the steps at the entrance were so big, there was no way we’d actually be getting hir in there.. which of course was a big disappointment, especially as it’s a shop that caters to kids and adults alike, as such I think there should at least be a ramp in place, not everyone is able bodied, and it was one of the few accessibility issues we had! I know it’s only been open for 3 weeks but it needs to be something people think about!

I also have to point out the quirky shop names in the Shambles, and the market is fun to roam around. You never know what useful little knick knacks you’ll find… plus we happened to find our favourite brownie guy there!

I took a crazy amount of photos while there but sorted out some of the best and most fun ones for you!

York Album

Ilkley (Cow and Calf) 

My sister, our friend Katie & I decided to take a little roadtrip to Ilkley on a rainy day, even just the drive up there through the moors was beautiful. When we got to Ilkley we stopped for a quick lunch and wander.

Ilkley is a lovely and cute little town, it has numerous shops, amongst them an awesome Indepedent Bookshop called The Grove. It is also a fantastic spot to go on a charity shop spree, with some of the more high end brands and shops.
Even from the middle of town you’ll find some beautiful views and let’s not forget the lovely old buildings.

After lunch and wandering around Ilkley we drove off to the Cow and Calf Rocks, a place I’ve been wanting to visit pretty much since I moved to the UK. And arriving there I wasn’t disappointed. Even with the rain it was more than worth it. It is such a beautiful spot and the rain just added mystery to an already magical place. Some of my friends noted it looks a lot like the rocks Luke Skywalker was hiding out on in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie.. the beauty of this place is, every time you look at it, it looks different. Sometimes it even looks haunted.

What makes this place even better is that there’s a pub right down the road from the rocks of the same name, the Cow and Calf. It has rooms available as well for an overnight stay which makes it perfect for an early rise to capture a sunrise (yes I definitely started plotting this) or for a romantic getaway, and with those views it’s definitely worth a thought. Aside from that, the pub has a great atmosphere and good food! Definitely hoping to be back soon!

Vixy Geek and Designs and Cosplay

In between exploring the UK and being a goofball I am busy working on shoots and my designs for Vixy Geek. My designs range from geeky graphics inspired by the likes of Harry Potter to Star Trek, Babylon 5 to Madam Secretary, Motivational Quotes and Statements to everything travel! And will soon be including cosplay photography! Whether it is cosplay, adventure inspired or fashion, be sure to book a shoot with me before my schedule’s booked up!


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