Santorini, Following my gut and staying true

If life was perfect and everything went to plan, I’d be in Santorini right now… but, sometimes things aren’t meant to happen that way… I had everything planned and had even found someone local who was happy to introduce me to the local beauty, people and stories. Sadly that person is going through a divorce at the moment but I though well I can do it. But when one of the assignments I had planned to use to fund my trip further never turned up with any money my gut kept telling me maybe it was wise to wait.. and… me being me. That’s what I did. There’s no point going against my gut, working crazy hard while not getting the fullest out of it. That’s why I postponed my trip to Santorini. So I can take the most away from it and truly give you a peek into the lives of people there. However, my trip to Edinburgh… did happen, I fell in love with that place. The mix of old, new and nature. For the first part of the week the Airbnb was right at the foot of Arthur’s seat. How much better than that does it get. Before that I was in Telford for to meet up with friends and geek out at FCD and before that? in London for a family weekend and  bridal shoot! Somewhere in between all that me and a friend are looking at starting a really exciting project which you will hear more about VERY soon!

Thoughts and where I am right now

I feel like I’m at a crossroads with my work right now. I know that the UK is not where I want to stay and hope to eventually end up in California and continue my photography whilst based there, combining it with my love of travel. This means I need to get an O1 visa. In order to get that visa I need to amp it up on publications and such… but on looking at the types of photographer that I’m currently competing against, they all seem to have a very similar style and personas. And that style of photography, whilst apparently what is currently expected, is not mine. Does this mean I’m giving up? No. It just means I’m looking at things and working out how to get the work without compromising myself.

I’m also trying to diversify, because photography is definitely not my only love. But it is what fuels my other passions. I enjoy using social media and such to promote my ‘brand’ and I have found that I’m starting to enjoy networking via those platforms too. But again there’s a line I don’t want to cross. I don’t want to be just another ‘Instagram photographer’ or “Instagram Traveller” in order to get my work out there and seen. There’s a level of fakeness to it that goes against all my instincts and that means I’m still trying to find the answers. I’m not going to be just another millennial girl with a camera. In the words of a close friend, I’m a 24-year-old with the soul of someone twice that age. My photography aims to capture the beauty, the emotion, the truth, and the ugliness around me. I don’t want to filter out the bad just to get noticed. That’s not me and never will be.

This is how my photography started, meeting up with someone and exploring the local beauty in whatever country I’m in. This was still in the Netherlands, the first picture was taken in Amsterdam and the second in Soesterduinen. That’s what it’s all about for me. To learn about a city through a local, find the hidden spots, the good, the beauty, but also the bad, the ugly and the dark.


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