Stories Through My Lens

viewbug.jpgWhen I photograph someone, I don’t just see a beautiful person, the make up, or the clothes…. I see who they are, their stories, their joy, their pain, I have an innate ability to see & feel a little bit of what they’ve been through, and that’s what I try to capture with my lens, not just a pretty picture. Most of the time that’s what inspires me more than anything else. A person’s beauty is not just on the outside, and in all honesty to me that’s not what photography is about… It’s about creating a photo that tells even a fraction of someone’s story, whether that tale is happy, sad, painful, or even horrifying.. And it’s always something deeply personal. I get to know the people I work with and some of them even become my friends. With their permission of course I want to tell you, their stories.

My other love is travelling, meeting new people, learning about new cultures, finding the beauty in every corner of the world and I want to be able to share that. I think travelling and interacting with people from other cultures, people with different mind sets, ideas etc. opens the mind and I think that everyone should experience that once in their life. Travel creates understanding, communities, and room for creativity, and for me at least, travelling is inspirational. By travelling and going with the flow, sometimes literally booking at the last minute, I have found my tribe, not just in one place but all over the world. That is why I decided to start this blog. To share a few of my experiences and the lessons I learn through what I do.

My Upcoming Adventures

  • This Saturday I will be shooting at Kirkstall Abbey, one of my favourite locations to shoot! Keep an eye out for new shots!
  • In March I will be in London shooting editorials, one for a Bridal Magazine and one for a Fashion Magazine! Plus this summer I’ll be back in London shooting with my fellow travelling geek and dear friend Ash.
  • I finally booked Santorini in April/May. I will be flying into Athens and taking the Ferry into Santorini. I will be taking loads of travel shots as well as shooting portrats for the Stories Through My Lens Project!
  • Of course before Santorini I will be going to a couple of conventions and planning for some cosplay and geek inspired shoots!

Ocassionally I will have guestbloggers on the topics I have mentioned, from fellow globetrotters to geeks, photographers and maybe even the odd surprise here and there…

I’ll be sharing my journey with you right here, the stories and portraits from the people I meet in my photography journey. You’ll find photography tips, updates on workshops, city guides (including travel photos), convention tips, geeky stuff, guest blogs and much much more.

I want to welcome you to my newsletter, and indeed my world, as I share highs and lows, the pitfalls and joys of travelling and photography.


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