Unboxed Faces

Labels. Everyone and everything has a label. It’s something that I try and stay away from. I don’t like the way they pigeonhole us. Human beings weren’t designed to be put in boxes.

The “Geek” in Vixy Geek Travels: Conventions

And now for the geeky part of my blog! I decided to write a post on convention travel! I’ll be covering some of my favourite convention tips, do-s and don’t-s, some must see places around some of the more well known conventions and how to get a few minutes of rest in between all the crazy!

The Beauty In The Chaos Of Northern India

In February/March, I travelled to India, and whilst I’m home again now, I’m still on that journey in a way…. Unpacking and processing everything that happened.. As well as dealing with the emotions and feelings that came up during the trip. Maybe that’s why writing this took so long. 

The Beauty and Goofball Adventures of Lillehammer, Norway

The trip was amazing, and I’d love to spend longer in Norway. Although next time, I think I’ll go in Summer, when I’m not dealing with weather that’s quite as cold. This Vixy Geek loves her sunshine and warmth, and -10C is not exactly warm, although there was some sun, and beautiful sunsets. It might’ve been cold in Norway but the people are incredibly warm. Always willing to lend a hand, give you a ride home, etc. definitely a trip that will stay with me for a long time. 

London Birthday Shenanigans

For my Birthday I spent 4 days in London, 2 with my brother Gauke, & his best friend, Chris, whom I’ve known since I was little, and 2 days with my 2 soul sisters, Nat & Ash. These are our shenanigans

The Beauty of Local

As some of you may know, for various reasons I haven’t been able to travel much this year. But me being me, I get stir crazy so I decided to go local. Just in the past week or so I have been to Ilkley and York and explored a hill that is right behind my…

Stories Through My Lens

When I photograph someone, I don’t just see a beautiful person, the make up, or the clothes…. I see who they are, their stories, their joy, their pain, I have an innate ability to see & feel a little bit of what they’ve been through, and that’s what I try to capture with my lens,…